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Frozen Pizza Food Additives

What’s in a Frozen Pizza? Understanding Food Additives

Americans are as health-conscious as ever. More and more people are shying away from processed…

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Cool Things to Do in STL This Summer

4 Cool Things to Do in STL This Summer

St. Louis is an exciting place to be in the summer. Festivals, concerts, plays, walking…

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Dogtown Pizza Maker

What I’ve Learned as a Dogtown Pizza Maker

  Being a Dogtown Pizza maker is definitely a rewarding experience. Day in and day…

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Share the joy of Dogtown Pizza this holiday season.

5 Ways to Share the Joy of Dogtown Pizza This Holiday

Can you believe that the holidays are almost here? No doubt you’re “wrapping” things up…

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Dogtown Pizza and Thanksgiving

4 Ways DTP Can Make an Appearance on Turkey Day

Ah, Thanksgiving—it’s a day devoted almost entirely to eating. What better day can there be?…

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Dogtown Chocolate Chip Cookies

Dogtown Chocolate Chip Cookies: A Real Holiday Treat!

Though it’s only the second week of November, you’re no doubt already preparing for the…

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Meet Shane Schaper and Jimmy Nagel: The Heart and Soul of Dogtown Pizza!

Dogtown Pizza is a family business. It always has been and always will be. General Managers Shane Schaper and Jimmy Nagel are the heart and soul of DTP.
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Let’s Talk About Some WEIRD Pizza Toppings!

Pepperoni, sausage, and even pineapples have become the norm for pizza toppings, but this list of unique toppings is sure to take you by surprise!
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Where Does Pepperoni Come From? A History of America’s Favorite Pizza Topping

Pepperoni is America's favorite pizza topping, but where does it come from? What is the secret origin of pepperoni? You can find out in this article!
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Is Thin Crust Pizza Healthier for You?

With the amount of pizza we eat, we wish pizza was a superfood! Pizza isn't exactly healthy, but is thin-crust pizza healthier? Let's find out!
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Why Are There So Many Types of Pasta?

There are more than 350 different types of pasta. Why? What could possibly justify this many pasta varieties? These five reasons will!
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History of St. Louis Sports Teams

St. Louis has a rich history of sports. Let's take a look back at several St. Louis sports teams across baseball, hockey, football, basketball, and soccer!
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Our Guide to Throwing the Ultimate Pizza Party

Ever tried to throw a pizza party? It’s not as easy as you might think. Here is Dogtown Pizza's guide to throwing the ultimate pizza party.
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A Guide to the Different Types of Pizza Sauce

Believe it or not, pizza sauce does not have to be tomato-based. Crazy, right? Today, we're going to talk about several types of pizza sauce.
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6 Fun Facts About St. Louis Arch History and Construction

The St. Louis Gateway Arch is one of the most recognizable monuments in the world. Here are some fun facts about its history!
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Ranking the Most Delicious Types of Cookies

At Dogtown Pizza, we don't JUST love pizza. We love cookies too! Today we're going to rank the deliciousness of different types of cookies.
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The Absolute Best Pizza Topping Combos

Looking for some inspiration for your next homemade pizza or build-your-own pie? This list of…

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72 Pizza Trivia Questions for Your Next Game Night!

You can never have too much knowledge, and you especially can never have too much…

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All About St. Patrick’s Day: Why Do We Celebrate It?

St. Patrick’s Day is one of the most recognizable holidays in the United States and…

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Is the St. Louis Zoo Closing for Good? Not Exactly…

You may have heard recent news about the St. Louis Zoo closing for good. Fortunately,…

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The Indisputable Top Ten Classic Pizza Varieties

Man, there are a lot of pizza varieties out there! With a food so universally…

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A Brief History of Cheese

As you can probably guess, at Dogtown Pizza, cheese is essential to our operations. To…

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Four Fun and Delicious Homemade Pizza Ideas

Everybody loves pizza. It’s likely that you and your family have one or two favorite…

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10 Staples You Should Always Have in Your Freezer

The freezer is, without a doubt, a fantastic appliance and a great place to store…

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What are the Best Pizza Condiments? (Dipping Sauce Edition)

What are the best sauces to dip your Dogtown pizza in? We take a look.
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4 Different Pizza Styles in America

Obviously, at Dogtown Pizza, we are a bit partial to St. Louis-style pizza, but let's look at what the other styles of pizza from around the country bring to the table.
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8 Ways to Support Local St. Louis Businesses During Coronavirus

Local businesses are the heartbeat of our communities and many are looking for creative ways…

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16 Fun Activities to Do at Home While Social Distancing

Life has changed in the last few weeks and we are all spending more time…

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St. Louis Facts and Trivia You Can Use to Impress Your Friends

A lot of us are pretty well-versed in common STL history at this point. From…

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Fast Weeknight Dinners When You’re Too Tired to Cook

The craziness of holidays is coming to a close and if you are like us,…

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Our Favorite Holiday Traditions From Around the World

Some of our favorite interesting traditions from around the world
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Our Favorite Food Places in St. Louis

Here at Dogtown Pizza, we love our local St. Louis community—especially when it comes to…

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Easy Dinner Party Ideas For People Who Can’t Cook

A dinner party is a wonderful and sophisticated way to get together with people who…

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How to Throw a Legendary Kid’s Pizza Party

Do you know anyone who doesn’t love pizza? Neither do we. Neither does anyone. You…

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5 Easy Fall Dinners for Cold Nights

Fall is upon us, and that means colder nights and shorter evenings. Fall can also…

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The Best Halloween Movies to Watch on Pizza Night

Get in the spirit of the season and watch one of these Halloween movies during your next pizza night!
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