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Why the USDA Loves Us

Why the USDA Loves Us

They say that cleanliness is next to godliness. If there’s any truth to that saying, then Dogtown Pizza is just as close to holy frozen pizza as you’ll find. While we have the USDA to thank for a lot of that, we can honestly say that our strict standards of safety and sanitation come from within. Yes, the USDA keeps Americans safe with their food inspection programs, and they hold us accountable for our own internal safety and sanitation programs. And not only does the USDA keep us on our toes, but they have made us a much better food brand. But ultimately our dedication to cleanliness directly reflects the product that you will serve your family. Here are the reasons why the USDA loves Dogtown Pizza.

Our internal standards exceed USDA industry standards

The general public might not realize this, but the USDA visits our facility every single day. While some food companies may grumble about this, it’s a welcome sight when we see our USDA inspector enter the building every day. It’s because we know we have absolutely nothing to worry about. On top of these daily inspections, we are constantly improving our safety and sanitation programs, not just with our building but with all of our tables, equipment, floors, ceilings, walls, etc. This not only makes the job of the USDA inspector easier (and seriously impresses him), but more importantly ensures that the Dogtown Pizza products you consume are the cleanest and safest they can possibly be. Adhering to such strict standards of cleanliness is wholly engrained into our culture and mode of being. We honestly can’t think of operating any other way.

We monitor everything

When we say we monitor everything we mean EVERYTHING. The cleanliness of the facility, our equipment, the employee dress code, hand sanitation, temperatures; everything is rigorously checked and monitored three times a day. The employee dress code is stringent, with no jewelry allowed unless it’s covered with a hair net, for example. All employees use hair nets, and beard nets where applicable. We go through more vinyl gloves than all the hospitals in St. Louis combined (or so it seems). We check the temperatures of all our meats and ingredients several times a day to make sure they are cold and fresh at all times. We log and monitor the temperatures of all freezers and refrigerators several times daily to make sure our product remains frozen, fresh, and the safest it can be for your family.

Our food facility has been touted by the USDA as being tops in cleanliness in the St. Louis area. They love inspecting us because they know how thorough we are without them having to remind us all the time. We set the plans in place ourselves. We’re self-motivated to be sanitary and safe because we know it directly affects our product AND the people who purchase it.That’s motivation enough.