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Dogtown Pizza Varieties

Cheese Pizza

Classic St. Louis-style pizza with our original 3-cheese blend. Creamy and tangy, never stringy.

Sausage & Pepperoni

This delectable combination of pepperoni and Italian salsiccia sausage delivers loads of mouthwatering flavor that your taste buds will do a little dance over.

Bacon Bacon

Huge, juicy chunks of home-cooked, hand-torn bacon piled high. Because you deserve it.

Veggie Pizza

Earthy mushrooms, sweet red onion, & crunchy bell peppers on our tangy sauce & creamy cheese will satisfy veggie lovers everywhere.


We hand place 35 pieces of pepperoni so you get a mouthful of spicy deliciousness in every single bite.


Plump mushrooms, sweet yellow onion, italian salsiccia and crispy cooked bacon grace the top of this hearty pie.

Hot Wing

A home run for two crowd-pleasing classics: pizza and hot wings in one spicy, delicious place.


There’s pork sausage. Then there’s salsiccia: locally-made Italian sausage from a secret family recipe that we hand pinch and pile high 'til the pizza's full.

4 Meat

This is for all you carnivores out there: salsiccia, pepperoni, hickory-smoked bacon, and ham. Drool.

Tomato Basil Garlic

Red-ripened tomatoes, fragrant basil, and freshly minced garlic are the defining qualities of this refreshing, all-natural pizza.