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The Pizza Lover’s Guide to World Pizza Styles

guide to world pizza styles

Get ready for a flavorful journey across continents with our guide to international pizza styles. We’ll explore world pizza styles that delight and unite people everywhere. From traditional to innovative creations, this pizza culinary tour reveals the creativity and love behind every pizza.

As we dive into global pizza varieties, we unveil a rich world of tastes, opening your eyes to exploring diverse pizza traditions. Join Dogtown Pizza on this tour through the vast and tasty world of pizza!

From Italy to the World: The Origins of Pizza

Have you ever thought about pizza’s journey from Italy’s rustic kitchens to cities worldwide? Let’s explore how pizza became a favorite dish for many. Its story is as rich and layered as pizza itself.

While the idea of a food made with sauce and toppings on a baked crust goes back nearly as far as recorded history, the first time someone called pizza by its name was in 997 CE, in a document from southern Italy sent from the son of a feudal lord to the local bishop. 

Over the centuries, “pizza” transformed into something we would recognize as pizza today in 18th-century Naples. It gained popularity as a convenient, affordable meal option for the working class. 

Pizza soon traveled far from its Italian home, taking on new forms. In America, pizza owes a lot of its success to the return of soldiers from WWII who had been stationed in Italy and found a new favorite food. In places like Chicago and New York, it merged with local tastes, leading to various other unique and tasty varieties.

world pizza styles

Iconic Pizza Styles Around the Globe

Exploring these varied styles showcases the creativity in pizza making worldwide. Whether for a family gathering or a solo treat, there’s a pizza for every craving and curiosity.

Neapolitan Pizza

Neapolitan pizza has a soft and puffy crust with a simple tomato sauce, mozzarella, and often nothing else. Pizza toppings offered on the first pizzas in America traditionally included anchovies, capers, onions, or olive oil, sparingly placed on the pizza. Its high-quality ingredients, charred crust, and simple toppings are keys to its traditional taste and have defined the pizza experience for centuries.

St. Louis Style Pizza

St. Louis-style pizza offers a unique taste with its Provel cheese blend, unlike traditional mozzarella. With its crisp, cracker-thin crust and stacked with toppings from edge to edge, the St. Louis style is a delightful part of our pizza tour. We would go as far to say the most delightful part of the pizza tour!

New York-Style Pizza

Experience the Big Apple with the foldable, thin-crust New York-style pizza. Generously topped and perfect for eating on the go, it captures the essence of the city’s fast-paced lifestyle. It’s a staple in global pizza culture. Sold by the slice at very affordable prices in NYC and staying true to pizza’s origin as a fast, affordable food for busy people on the go.

Chicago Deep Dish

Dive into the cheesy layers of the Chicago Deep Dish, a pie as sturdy as the Windy City itself. Chicago deep dish has a high-edged, buttery crust filled with chunky tomato sauce, gooey cheese, and lots of toppings. Excellent with a variety of toppings, Chicago has turned pizza into a hearty meal.

world pizza style guide

Detroit Style Pizza

In Detroit, pizza comes in squares with a thick, airy, chewy, crisp-bottom crust, edge-to-edge cheese, and stripes of tomato sauce on top. That’s right: the tomato sauce goes on top. Detroit style is a new favorite that has won the hearts of many pizza enthusiasts.

Sicilian Pizza

The Sicilian Pizza comes with thick, focaccia-like dough and rich sauce, showcasing the island’s flavors and history. Dough that’s over an inch thick and baked in a square, oiled pan, traditionally topped with a tomato sauce that includes onions, herbs, and anchovies, then covered with breadcrumbs and grated parmesan.

Greek Pizza

Early Greek immigrants to America tried Italian pizza, but then they made it their own way, and it really caught on in the New England states. With its Mediterranean flair, this pizza has a chewy crust, topped with chunky tomato sauce, then piled with lots of feta cheese and sometimes olives.

Other Notable Pizza Styles

Pizza isn’t only about the typical flavors anymore. Chefs worldwide are breaking new ground, bringing contemporary creativity to pizzas that both grab your attention and taste buds.

  • Hawaiian pizza takes its inspiration from the sweet and savory flavors of Chinese food by combining ham and pineapple on any pizza crust with basic tomato pizza sauce.
  • Cuban pizza in Miami has an extra thick dough with the toppings pressed into the dough and then held together with a layer of cheese.
  • California-style pizza has a crust similar to New York style, but the toppings on offer include avocados, goat cheese, and seasonal, locally sourced, and farmed veggies and meats. 

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