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National Cookie Day: Cookie Facts and History


December 4th is National Cookie Day, and we cannot contain our excitement – we are after all, not only in the pizza business but also in the cookie business. Our DTP cookies are the perfect choice for celebrating National Cookie Day. There is zero prep time, no mess, no mixing and you still get to have delicious fresh baked cookies! Let’s learn more about one of America’s favorite desserts!

A Quick History Lesson About Cookies

According to the earliest cookie-style cakes are thought to date back to 7th century Persia A.D. Cookies from Persia in their earliest form were introduced to the Mediterranean in 327 BC by Alexander the Great.

By the end of the 14th century, you could buy small wafers on the streets of Paris and cookie recipes could be found in cookbooks during the Middle Ages. Cookies during these times were crisp and thin, not gooey and soft. It wasn’t until the 18th century that butter and larger amounts of sugar were added to the recipe to create the modern cookie that we all know and love today.

The Delicious Chocolate Chip Cookie Comes to Life in the 1930s

Toll House Inn circa 1940 image source

Many of us know the story, but for those who do not, the chocolate chip cookie is said to have been created by accident in the 1930s. Ruth Wakefield, an innkeeper at the Toll House Inn, was making cookies ran out of nuts. She then decided to pop in pieces of chocolate instead.

Now, although this is a fun story, it is more likely that Wakefield, a perfectionist with a degree in household arts, actually came up with the recipe herself in response to the Great Depression. The chocolate chip cookie is inexpensive to make and can be eaten by hand. Its rich taste brought comfort to millions of people who were forced to live without even the smallest luxuries in the late 1930s.

Did Ruth know that this little cookie would become an iconic American treat? Probably not, but we are happy that she made them – whether it was by accident or not.

Fun Cookie Facts

  • Introduced in 1902, the animal cracker was the first commercial cookie in the U.S.
  • The average American will eat 35,000 cookies in their lifetime.
  • The world’s largest chocolate chip cookie weighed in at more than 40,000 pounds! This cookie was 102-feet-wide and was baked by the Immaculate Baking Company in Flat Rock, North Carolina in 2003. The company built a special oven to make the larger than life cookie.
  • Chocolate chip cookies were a popular item to put in soldiers’ care packages during WWII.
  • Real estate agents have been using fresh baked cookies to help give homes a comforting smell and sell them faster for decades.

Head to your neighborhood grocery store, snag a bag of DTP cookies, and celebrate National Cookie Day the right way – with fresh baked, delicious Oatmeal Raisin White Chocolate Chunk or Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Do you know any interesting cookie facts? What is your favorite kind of cookie? Let us know in the comments below!

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