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7 Quotes That Capture How We All Feel About Pizza

Andrew WK Pizza Quotes

Pizza is the ultimate food. All pizza lovers know this to be true. You’ve got your carbohydrates, your tomatoes, your protein, your dairy, and even your veggies, if you so desire. But sometimes it’s hard to find the right words to accurately describe just how much you love it, other than “Mmmmm!” and “Get me a pizza!” So we’ve gathered some of the best pizza quotes about your one true love that capture how we all feel about one of the greatest foods ever created.

#1. Because you’ll find any excuse to eat the whole pie.

Yogi Berra Pizza Quotes

#2. Because nothing feels as good as pizza tastes

Lara Stone Pizza Quotes

#3. Because we can’t think of a moment when this wasn’t true

Daria Pizza Quotes

#4. Because pizza is life. 

Bill Murray Pizza Quotes

#5. Because pizza = happiness

Andrew WK Pizza Quotes

 #6. Because free pizza always gets people to show up

Clarissa Explains It All Pizza Quotes

#7. Because pizza is empowering

Bill Murray Personal Pizza Quotes

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What are your favorite pizza quotes? Let us know in the comments below!