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A Summer Guide To: Dogtown Pizza On the Grill

Summer Guide to Dogtown PIzza on the Grill

Summer is almost here! You’ve probably already pulled out the grill and have been cooking up some delicious grub in your backyard for weeks now. Why not throw your favorite Dogtown Pizza into the mix? Grilling pizza is the ULTIMATE way to cook your favorite DTP variety this summer. Add it to your next cook-out as a cheesy appetizer that’ll warm you up for all those ribs, steaks and kabobs you’ll be feasting on this season. We promise, you’ll be the hit of the party. Or, as the weather gets hotter, don’t bother heating up the oven – it’ll only heat up the entire house! Throw your DTP on the grill and you can enjoy DTP all summer long.

Grilling Dogtown Pizza How-To

If you’ve ever wanted to try grilling pizza, here’s our summer guide to cooking Dogtown Pizza on the grill:

Grilling on a Charcoal Grill

  • Gather a small pile of coals on one side of the grill.
  • Lay your pizza directly on the grill over the pile of coals.
  • When you see the pizza start to cook on one side, give it a twirl to the other side so it cooks evenly.

If the pizza curls, don’t worry! Let it cool a bit, cut it, and watch it flatten out.

For a Pizza Stone on a Gas Grill

  • Turn your grill on high
  • Heat the pizza stone first
  • Drop the pizza right on top of the stone
  • Rotate the pizza every once and while. Gas grills are hotter in the back than in the front, so it’s important to keep an eye on your pizza to make sure it’s cooking evenly.
  • Takes 12-15 min to cook

The status of the cheese is a good indicator of when your pizza is done. If the cheese is bubbly and golden, it’s good to go!
We’re so excited that warm weather has finally arrived. This means it’s time for long, summer evenings spent with friends on the back patio while we enjoy our favorite way to cook DTP—on the grill! Try it today and let us know how you fared in the comments below!