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The Future of Pizza is Here: New Pizza Technology That Will Amaze You

The future of pizza has arrived

We’re convinced that the future of pizza is here. Now, while we’re unfortunately nowhere near making dehydrated pizzas from Back to the Future 2 possible (if the technology existed, we’d be all over it!), some amazing advancements in technology currently exist. While this is surely a testament to the genius of man’s ability to innovate and create, we especially love the fact that it’s done in the name of pizza. Here are a few ways we know that the future of pizza is most definitely here, and that the future certainly looks…cheesy.

3D-Printed Pizza in Space

Read that again and let it sink in: 3D-printed. Pizza. In Space. Yes, folks, it’s true—NASA is developing 3D-printed food specifically for astronauts, allowing them to literally print their food while they’re in space. The current food of choice? Pizza. Traveling in space requires food that can last up to 15 years, and scientists figure they can manufacture the correct carbs, proteins, etc. into powder form so that all the astronauts have to do is print it off and enjoy. In other words, space pizza!

We’ll happily lend them our Top Secret recipe so they can start printing Dogtown Pizzas up there. We have no doubt that the cracker-like crust of St. Louis pizza will print marvelously. It looks like 3D pizza printers will be commercially available within the next couple of years. But the question remains: will it taste as good?

Pizza Vending Machine

Forget stale Twinkies and nutrition-void bags of chips—you can now get a freshly-made, baked-to-order pizza out of a vending machine. The Let’s Pizza machines are from—where else?—Italy. You can choose one of the four pizza options and watch in amazement as the machine mixes water and flour, kneads the dough, adds on sauce and toppings, and bakes it all…in less than three minutes.


Pizza vending machines started popping up in Europe last year, and word is that they’re headed for the US. Can you imagine having that kind of vending machine in your office?

Mind-Reading Menus

Pizza Hut is admittedly trying to do some really cool tech stuff with its pizza, and the mind-reading menu is definitely one! In select restaurants, you receive a menu that is controlled with your eyes and your mind. The sensor tracks your eye movements as it leads you through the menu, and allows you to select which pizza you want based on where your eye rests.

Cool? Or just plain creepy? You be the judge. We personally like selecting our pizza directly from the freezer.
Whatever the future holds, it’s comforting to know that pizza will always be a part of it. Meanwhile, we’ll continue making flash-frozen pizzas with top-of-the-line, freshness-preserving technology to bring you St. Louis-style pizza so fresh you simply can’t believe it came from the frozen aisle.