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Why St. Louis-Style is the Best Pizza in America

St. Louis-Style Pizza

Anyone who loves pizza is familiar with both New York and Chicago-styles of pizza. Unfortunately, St. Louis-style pizza seems to only be known and loved by, well, St. Louisans. This should change. So let’s be bold: St. Louis-style pizza is the best style of pizza in America. Why? Read on.

The St. Louis Difference

St. Louis-style is in a league all its own. It’s unique to St. Louis and St. Louisans demand it.

First of all, it is truly thin crust pizza: not just in the middle, but all the way to the edges. With St. Louis-style pizza, you taste the toppings from edge to gloriously crispy edge, so you damn near bite your fingers off to get every last bit.

St. Louis-style sauce is generally simple with a hint of oregano and sometimes black pepper for some zing, and a touch of sugar for some sweet. St. Louis-style is generally cooked crispy—no floppy crust that would allow our heaping pile of toppings to slide off. 

But the true difference rests in our unmistakable St. Louis pizza cheese blend. It’s creamy and melty, not stringy. It has bold flavor with a hint of smokiness. It is this blend that gives St. Louis-style its distinct flavor.

But How Does That Make It the Best?

We might be biased, but once you try St. Louis-style pizza you’ll start to notice how the other styles fall short. How suddenly New York-style, which is the most prevalent form of pizza you’ll find, is too thin in the center and too doughy at the edges compared to the delightful cracker-like crust of the St. Louis style. You’ll notice with disappointment that plain ‘ol mozzarella is the only type of cheese. And what’s up with how long it takes to cook Chicago-style pizza? We want to eat RIGHT NOW. We don’t have time to make a bucket full of sauce and cheese and toppings only to have to dig into it with a darn shovel. Rather, the thin and crispy, toppings-loaded, irreplaceable cheesiness of the shareable St. Louis square gives you everything you want in a pizza…and so much more.

St. Louisans know what’s up. It’s time to spread the good news of our pizza with the rest of America.