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How Local is Local?

Be Loyal. Buy Local.

The “local movement” is not a new phenomenon, by means. But it’s rise to prominence is nothing short of remarkable, and we all know that it’s only growing stronger every year. Families demand high-quality products from sources they can trust—not from faceless factories in far away lands that consume precious resources to manufacture processed food stuffs. Dogtown Pizza is proud to not only exist and operate in St. Louis but we stand by our commitment to use only fresh ingredients from local sources. So just how local are our sources? Well, we’ll show you.

Our Crust: A St. Louis Original

No house is built without a solid foundation. The same goes for the foundation of our pizza—in other words, the all-natural crust made fresh every day by the Dogtown Pizza Bakery.  In Dogtown Pizza’s early days, we we adamant about having and all-natural crust. We assured them that one day we’d be buying 3000 crusts per month—that’s how confident we were in the power of their craft. Today, we bake 100s of fresh crust daily. This has not only helped the 62-year-old bakery grow—their expansion has allowed them to hire on more people to handle the demand, providing opportunities for people who might not otherwise have them.

Our Cheese: St. Louis’ Best-Kept Secret

Our cheese is the incomparable St. Louis-style tangy, smoky blend that St. Louis demands. It is very hard to come by in other cities. You can only find St. Louis pizza cheese in St. Louis, so rest assured that our special spin on a true St. Louis original is only promotes our rich cultural heritage as St. Louisans.

Our Meat: Born and Raised in Missouri

Our pork is raised on a farm in Missouri with an all-veggie diet and no hormones. It gets processed twice a week and then sent to our sausage-maker on the Hill, Imo Meat and Sausage Co., a family that has been in the meat business for over 30 years here in St. Louis.

Our Manpower: Hardworking St. Louisans

Not only do we try to use local vendors and distributors to deliver our ingredients and pizzas whenever possible, we take pride in the fact that we are able to hire on hardworking St. Louisans to keep up with demand. Between the crust makers, sausage makers, distributors and the Dogtown Pizza team, we employ over a dozen people from the Dogtown neighborhood alone. This helps the community, family businesses, and the St. Louis economy to thrive. Plus, the more that we continue to grow, the more our suppliers, crust makers, drivers, pizza makers, farmers, and sausage makers continue to grow as well. It’s a thriving circular movement that shows how powerful supporting local businesses can be—this is the ultimate power of the local movement.