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The Science of Frozen Pizza

Frozen Dogtown Pizza is both art and science.

Making pizza is an art. But freezing pizza, on the other hand, is a science. You might think that freezing pizza is as simple as popping it into an industrial-grade freezer. In some respects, you are correct. But here at Dogtown Pizza, we like to take things just a step further to ensure the highest standard of freshness that a frozen pizza can get. First of all, our overall goal is to lock in the flavor and freshness that Dogtown Pizza is known for. Our Two Stage Freezing process does just that.

Stage 1

Prior to wrapping your pizza, we blast freeze it in the quick freezer that we built ourselves. This blast freeze process ensures there is no ambient moisture or heat when we do actually wrap your pizza. Blast freezing also freezes your toppings so they don’t flatten when stacked…which would just be plain ugly and we can’t have that. Plus, this stage ensures that your frozen pizza isn’t mushy when you take it home–yet another thing we could never abide.

Stage 2

After the blast freeze stage, we shrink wrap your pizza, which seals in that freshness for good and keeps it fresh for weeks. Then, it’s off to the deep freezer. Here we keep your pizza safely stored at -10º degrees and “frozen fresh” before shipping time.

So there you have it–the science of frozen pizza. It’s not an overly complicated process, but it’s definitely a necessary one that goes beyond simply keeping your pizza frozen. Our freezing process ensures that you get the unmistakable freshness and quality that Dogtown Pizza is known for, no matter which variety you buy and no matter the store you buy it from. That’s our guarantee!