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A Day in the Life of Your Pizza

an employee wraps a frozen pizza.

Ever wonder what steps were taken to create your pizza? For one thing, it led a pretty exciting life here at our headquarters before going home with you. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the process that happens when we create your pizza.

Step 1: The Pizza Crust

Dogtown Pizza Crust on shelf
St. Louis-style pizza is nothing without its signature crust.

2,500 freshly baked crusts from the Dogtown Pizza Bakery arrive first thing every day. The crust is so fresh that it’s still warm when it arrives.

Step 2: The Crew

The crew starts to arrive. They tie on their aprons, snap on plastic gloves, put on hair nets (and beard nets if necessary) and make their way to their assigned stations. Some head to the veggie prep tables and start chopping up tomatoes, onions, basil, and other fresh herbs. Others crew members man the assembly and wrapping stations. Things are about to get real.

Step 3: The Craft

people cooking pizza

With veggies, sauce, our special cheese blend and toppings at the ready, the DTP crew goes full-throttle into pizza-making mode. The crust makes its way to the prep table, where it is enveloped by a heaping scoop of sauce, sprinkled with a generous handful of cheese, and then topped from edge to edge with delicious toppings. With six team members at each of the four assembly stations, we’re able to crank out up to 400 pizzas just like yours every hour.

Step 4: The Freeze

pizzas sitting in the freezer.

It’s time to freeze! Now fully prepared, your pizza is “quick frozen” in the speciality freezer we built ourselves. This is where your pie gets all of its fresh deliciousness sealed in before you take it home and devour it.

Step 5: The Wrap

an employee wraps a frozen pizza.

Once your pizza is thoroughly frozen, it moves on to the shrink-wrapping station. This is where it is thoroughly checked for quality assurance before we wrap and label it. If a pizza doesn’t have the right amount of toppings, was assembled incorrectly, or just plain doesn’t look right, we send it back. Nothing of subpar quality makes it past the expert eyes of the wrapping team. We then label and package your pizza and get it ready for delivery.

Step 6: The Delivery

Pizzas sit in the freezer before delivery.

Delivery time! At this point, your pizza is loaded up with all the other varieties and shipped out to the many St. Louis locations where Dogtown Pizza is sold. Then it waits, patiently, in the frozen aisle until that blessed moment when the two of you shall meet. That is the most important step of all, of course!