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The 4 types of Frozen Pizza Eaters


Here at Dogtown Pizza, we believe there are at least four kinds of people who love the delicious taste of frozen pizza! Where do you fit in with this frozen pizza-loving crowd?

People Who Jazz Frozen Pizza Up

No matter how good your frozen pizza is—and Dogtown Pizza is very, very good—these people believe it can always be better. Whether that means throwing on some extra toppings, adding your favorite condiment, or lightly dusting the whole thing with parmesan cheese and crushed red chili flakes, you can’t go wrong adding a little zazz to your ‘za!

The Cold Frozen Pizza Eaters

Some would say it seems like too many extra steps to start with frozen pizza, then cook it until it reaches a safe internal temperature, and then eat it cold—but we get it! Whether you got so involved in the family dinner night conversation that the pizza got cold on your plate or you’re scarfing the leftovers fresh out of the fridge the next morning on the way out the door to work, there are a lot of good reasons for eating cold pizza. Purely from a flavor perspective, things taste different when they’re cold and sometimes cold is better. (If you don’t believe us, try eating a frozen grape: it’s wild!)

The Burners

You get home from work, put a frozen pizza in the oven, change into your pajamas early and curl up in front of the tv to catch up on whatever you’ve been binge-watching lately. About halfway through the episode, you smell something burning and you suddenly remember that you forgot to set an alarm on your phone to remind you about that pizza you decided to make for dinner. Hopefully, you like your pizza well done!

The Mouth Burners

We know it’s exciting to take that fresh, perfectly-cooked frozen pizza out of the oven and it’s tempting—oh so tempting—to dive right in (some don’t even cut it, maybe fold it in half and eat it like a crispy pizzadilla!) but we all know exactly how this ends. The bubbling cheese, which is roughly the temperature of hot lava, will burn your poor unsuspecting tongue and then you’ll have to live the rest of pizza night being unable to fully taste the delicious pizza you wanted so badly and wondering what could have been.

Bonus: People Who Eat Frozen Pizza with a Fork!

When it comes to that thin, crispy, St. Louis-style pizza cut in the proper way (the party cut, or square cut), eating it with a fork can seem like a bit much—but this can go beyond just being forking fancy: it’s a great way to eat pizza if you have braces, since you’re more able to control the size of the pieces of food you’re eating.

What kind of frozen pizza eater are you? Did we miss your type? Let us know in the comments!



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