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Dipping Pizza in Ranch: Appealing or Appalling?


Here at Dogtown Pizza, we’ve decided to speak out about a very divisive issue in St. Louis and surrounding areas—nay, across the entire country! We want to talk about dipping pizza in ranch dressing. Whatever your base reactions, let’s try to keep calm heads and remember that there are valid arguments on both sides (no matter how wrong those arguments may seem at first).

Let’s review the most compelling reasons both for and against, and after a thorough review; we’ll weigh in at the end.

Ranch Lovers Can’t Eat Pizza Without It

Plain ol’ buttermilk ranch pairs well with all sorts of pizza and dipping pizza in ranch is a delight for the young and old—it might sound weird if you didn’t grow up doing it, but if you started as a kid, this is second nature.

If plain ranch isn’t your thing, or you’re eating a special pizza that deserves a little bit more, you can always switch it up with the dozens of different flavors of ranch dressing available in your local grocery store just a few aisles over from your favorite Dogtown Pizza in the freezer section.

Add three-cheese ranch to our cheese pizza made with our original 3-cheese blend (that’s like six cheeses!). Try jalapeno ranch on our hot wing pizza for an extra spicy kick. Greek yogurt ranch is great on our veggie pizza. The only way to go wrong dipping pizza in ranch is if you think it’s wrong to dip pizza in ranch!

Pizza Purists Say NO To Ranch On Pizza

There is an argument to be made that if you’re eating St. Louis-style pizza with its crispy, cracker-thin crust that’s crafted to let the toppings shine, it would be a waste to alter those flavors by adding anything else.

Why overshadow the gooey, delicious 3-cheese blend, the home-cooked, hand-torn bacon, the salsiccia sausage, and flash-frozen veggies picked at their peak freshness? But to say that adding more flavors to a pizza ruins the flavor of the pizza might be a step too far.

What’s next? Do we stop putting parmesan and red chili pepper flakes on pizza? What about Sriracha? How far does this madness go? Even the purest of pizza purists has faltered at some time in his life—let he who has not dipped an overly dry crust in garlic butter sauce cast the first calzone!

We Say Do Whatever Makes Your Taste Buds Happy

Here at Dogtown Pizza, the only dog we have in this fight is our delicious St. Louis-style pizza. However you choose to eat it. Have it with a beer, or a cup of iced coffee. Eat it while sitting around the family table, or in front of the TV. Plain or drowning in ranch. Any way you want to eat Dogtown Pizza is the right way to eat Dogtown Pizza, according to us!

Are you pro-dipping pizza in ranch? Anti-dipping pizza in ranch? What are your feelings about dipping our Bacon Bacon pizza in Nutella? Let us know in the comments!

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