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What’s On Your Dogtown Cheese Pizza?

Cheese Pizza DTP


When we can, we like to get creative with the new varieties we put out on the market. But we know that our customers love to get even more inventive with their pizza. Dogtown Cheese Pizza is the best base for those culinary experimenters who like to try new things or want to create a pizza that doesn’t exist yet. We’ve had DTP fans tell us they’ve put bacon and eggs on it (breakfast pizza, anyone?),  ground beef, pickles and onions (cheeseburger pizza!), and even fancy things like prosciutto and apples (salty and sweet for the win!). Everyone has different tastes, so we want to know: What crazy combinations have you put on a Dogtown Cheese Pizza?

Get Creative with DTP

We’re serious! We want to know how you get creative with a Dogtown Cheese Pizza. This is the perfect opportunity to get the family/kids involved for the most exciting pizza night you could ever have. Or, look at this as your chance to be the rock star chef you’ve always wanted to be: flirting with different flavor combinations and pushing gastronomical boundaries for the better.

How to Get Started

No idea on where to start? Here are a few tips to help get those creative juices flowing:

  • Make a list of your favorite foods. Which ones would be delicious on pizza?
  • Have a signature meal that you make? Could you convert it to pizza form?
  • Check out current pizza topping trends and try out your own spin on them. Ingredients like Siracha, pulled pork, truffle honey, and candied jalapeños are huge right now in the pizza world. What other things are you seeing that would make for a great pizza?
  • Keep your eyes out for DTP sales around town and save big on your Cheese Pizza. For example, DTP is on sale at Dierbergs through March 28!

So what’s on your Dogtown Cheese Pizza? Show us your seafood pizzas, your crazy vegetable pizzas, your diet-friendly pizzas…whatever is a reflection of your creativity! Comment below and/or tag us on Facebook. Happy creating!