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Your Comprehensive Guide to Cold Pizza


There are two types of people in this world: those who eat cold pizza, and those who are wrong. We are kidding of course; there is no wrong way to eat pizza! But this is going to be an article about cold pizza, so if this isn’t your thing that is totally fine, we have plenty of other blog posts for you!

The Best Toppings on Cold Pizza

As a general rule, if you would eat it on a sandwich, it will be good on cold pizza. Pepperoni, salami, chicken, and bacon are all good options! Veggies are good too, but a few people have told us they don’t like the texture of cold, cooked veggies. Know your preferences, and everything will be fine.

All Dogtown Pizzas are good cold, but our favorites are:

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Toppings That Don’t Hold Up on Cold Pizza

Seafood of any kind is one topping that everyone here at DTP unanimously agreed is a no-go on cold, leftover pizza. Overall, we think seafood pizza should be heated.

Counterintuitively, breakfast pizza is not great when it’s cold; you’d think it would work out since cold pizza is a classic breakfast food and breakfast pizza is too, but something about cold eggs just doesn’t work for us. If you do want some egg action on your leftover pizza, put a freshly fried egg on top of your cold slice for a delicious breakfast slice!

Fans of avocado toast might be tempted to put avocado on their cold pizza. We have some differing opinions on this one, with the overwhelming majority thinking it’s a bad idea and a small minority swearing it’s good as long as the avocado is freshly sliced and seasoned with salt and just a hint of lime. We are a bit torn on this one so if you do try it tell us what you think!

Other Leftover Pizza Considerations: Crust and Sauce


We’re going to take the controversial stance that a cracker-thin, St Louis style crust is the best crust for cold pizza. Thicker crusts can get to hard or soggy when chilled overnight (it should be one or the other, right? How do they do that?!), so it makes sense to choose a thinner crust. It might not be crispy and crunchy the morning after, but it will hold up well enough to deliver the important parts of your breakfast without going soggy or stale.


Classic tomato pizza sauce is a nice, neutral choice, and the coldness from the fridge will bring out some brightness and acidity that tends to get mellowed out with heat. Barbeque sauce is also good on cold pizza, with the sweetness becoming more prominent and the smokiness more subtle. We also suggest trying our Hot Wing Pizza cold. Who would have thought that chilled hot sauce could be so satisfying? You really can’t go wrong with these sauces on your leftover pizza!

If you’re a huge fan of alfredo or white sauce, you can give it a try, but the cold temperature will mute the garlic flavors, leaving a rich, yet flavorless goo that tastes exactly as good as that description makes it sound— we do suggest you pass on the alfredo when you’re eating cold pizza.

We have a feeling you are probably craving some cold pizza right about now, we definitely are! All of our pizzas at DTP are great leftover as a breakfast treat or a midnight snack, that is if you even have leftovers!

What’s your favorite way to eat cold pizza? Let us know in the comments!

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