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Kansas City Reviews St. Louis Style Dogtown Pizza


If you have been visiting the DTP blog, you know that we love all things St. Louis and are extremely passionate about St. Louis-style pizza in particular, but we wanted to see how someone from the other side of the state feels about our beloved pizza. The Kansas City native that we had try Dogtown Pizza has never been to St. Louis let alone had St. Louis-style pizza of any kind in their entire life-which seems crazy to us! They wish to remain anonymous but were happy to taste two kinds of Dogtown Pizza and give their honest opinion.

Pizza Number 1: Bacon Bacon

Our Bacon Bacon Pizza boasts big, thick chunks of bacon. Those chunks are layered on our cracker-thin crust, tangy melted cheese, and our signature sauce from edge-to-edge.

Bacon Bacon

KC: Wow, this is really thin! I usually don’t eat thin crust pizza, but it looks good! The fact it is cut into squares instead of triangles is throwing me off a little bit. I literally do not understand how they get this crust so thin. They really didn’t skimp on the bacon, did they? I love that; nothing is worse than getting a pizza with wimpy toppings.

We knew the squares would be a learning curve for our Kansas Citian, but the amazement of how thin the crust is made our little STL hearts sing!

KC (takes a bite): You can really taste the bacon! I knew the cheese would be different from what I am used to, but it really does go well with the meat. It is really is almost tangy, but in a good way. I have never in my life tasted any cheese like it. It is out of the ordinary, but I like it. I am also digging the crust; it lets you really taste the toppings. It is still weird eating it in square form, but I am a fan of the Bacon Bacon for sure.

We were really curious how KC would feel about the cheese. Our special blend of St. Louis-style pizza cheese is something we take great pride in! Alright, one pizza down one to go.

Pizza Number 2: Sweet BBQ Chicken

Now, the second you bring up BBQ to somebody from Kansas City it usually turns into a long, drawn out conversation about where the best BBQ is, who really has the best BBQ yadda yadda yadda so, we were a little hesitant to see what they had to say about our Sweet BBQ Chicken Pizza. This pizza boasts a sweet St. Louis BBQ sauce instead of our traditional Dogtown Pizza Sauce and has large chunks of high-quality chicken heavily distributed across the entire pie. We also added red onion and red pepper flakes for extra flavor. Oh, and of course our special blend of mozzarella, swiss and provolone cheeses.

Sweet BBQ Chicken

KC: Oh a pizza with BBQ sauce? I have had one before, but it was from some huge chain pizza place. I see chicken red onion, and cheese. The last pizza I had with BBQ sauce was kind of like a Hawaiian-style. I am glad to see there isn’t any pineapple on here. I like how the cheese bubbles up on the edges. I understand this BBQ sauce is sweet and from St. Louis; I don’t eat a lot of sweet BBQ sauces, but I am definitely not opposed to them. Let’s see what this one is all about.

Okay, that was pretty painless. We thought they might go on for hours about BBQ, but that was short and sweet. So, what did our Kansas Citian think of the taste? Let’s find out!

KC (takes a bite): Seriously, you guys might have sold me on this whole thin crust thing! I love how it lets the toppings shine. This pizza has a little spice to it; I like that, it balances out the sweet sauce. The sauce is pretty great too! For a frozen pizza, the chicken tastes so fresh, and there is a ton of it on here. 

Sounds like the Sweet BBQ Chicken Pizza was a hit!

We were so happy to share Dogtown Pizza with our friend from KC. It was an honor to be the first ones to introduce them to a little slice of St. Louis!

Have you introduced anyone to St. Louis-style pizza? What did they think? Let us know in the comments below!

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