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3 Reasons Why St. Louis-Style Pizza Crust is the Best Pizza Crust in the World

St. Louis-Style Pizza Crust

Pizza crust is the most underrated and under-appreciated part of any pizza. But while the average pizza eater in America will discard their pizza crusts like day-old bread, you, dear reader, know that it’s because they’ve never had St. Louis-style pizza crust before. But this post is not for the average pizza eater. No, this post is for you, the person who understands this one truth: that St. Louis-style pizza crust is the best pizza crust in the world. Shall we count the ways?

#1. It’s One-of-a-Kind

What would a pizza be without its crust? Pizza crust is the foundation, the bedrock, the cornerstone for any type of pizza, no matter the style. But nothing compares to a St. Louis-style crust.

New York has its giant, floppy triangles. Chicago has its deep dish which is, if we’re being completely honest, more like “pizza pot pie” than actual pizza. And while that’s all well and good (depending on your preference), St. Louis-style pizza crust is unlike any other style of pizza crust in the world. Ultra-thin and more like a cracker than anything else, St. Louis-style crust makes for a crispy, crunchy, and golden-brown pie. Every. Single. Time.

Especially when cut into shareable squares, St. Louis-style pizza crust is unique to our city, our region, and our heritage. Its cracker-like consistency is as St. Louis as the Arch. It makes your native heart swell with a pride with every crunchy bite. And when your crust comes from one of the most legendary Italian bakeries on The Hill, well…there really is no comparison.

#2. The Crust Gives You More Of Everything You Love

Because of its aforementioned cracker-like consistency, the St. Louis-style crust is sturdy, meaning it can withstand the weight of all the toppings you could possibly dream of. You know from first-hand experience that, because of this crust, everything you love about pizza (The cheese! The sauce! The meat! The veggies!) really does go all the way to every crispy edge of the pizza. And you will never encounter a soggy middle that collapses in on itself or drops the toppings when you go to pick up a slice. Other styles of pizza simply can’t do what a St. Louis-style crust does. And the way it makes that slight “ripple” when baked? A thing of beauty no other style of pizza can lay claim to.

#3. No More Wasted Pizza Crusts

When you see any non-St. Louis-style pizza crusts sitting lonely and rejected on a plate, on the ground or in the trash, you shake your head sadly. If only they had eaten St. Louis-style pizza, you think. This would never happen. People who have never had St. Louis-style pizza seriously don’t know what they’re missing in their pizza crust. St. Louis-style crust doesn’t give anyone the chance to not eat the entire slice because it’s all pizza and nothing but the pizza.

It’s undeniable– St. Louis-style pizza crust is, hands down, the best in the world. If you think that’s a bold claim, then you haven’t eaten enough of it. Track down your favorite variety of Dogtown Pizza at any major St. Louis-area grocery store and put that baby in the oven ASAP. Chew slowly and revel in the satisfying crunch that only a St. Louis-style crust can provide. Wipe the crumbs away from your mouth and repeat.

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