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16 Fun Activities to Do at Home While Social Distancing

Life has changed in the last few weeks and we are all spending more time at home in order to protect others and ourselves. Some of us are homebodies by nature while others are more social. Some have roommates, some have families, and some are flying solo during this time. No matter what the personal experience looks like, we are all having to make adjustments and figure out how to keep some sense of normalcy when we can’t gather with friends, go to restaurants, shop at our favorite stores, etc.

We have decided to put together a list of activities that you can do at home while social distancing. These activities aren’t exclusive to families or single individuals and everything on the list can be adapted to fit your lifestyle.

1. Karaoke


If you enjoyed going out and doing karaoke before social distancing, why stop now? Karaoke is extremely fun and a great way to let loose after a long week.

YouTube has a ton of karaoke-style videos that you can choose from. Don’t have a mic? Use a hairbrush and show off those pipes!

If you live alone, ask those friends you would normally hit up the karaoke bars with to join a video call and take turns singing!

2. Have an Art Show


Now is a great time to break out some paints and get creative! If you have multiple people in your home, have everyone paint their own works of art and put them display.

Pour some wine (or sparkling juice), get some yummy treats ready, and have a mini art show at home! Who knows? You may have the next big artist in your midst.

For snacks, we highly suggest picking up our Tomato Basil Garlic Pizza on your next grocery trip and cutting it into bite-size pieces for easy finger food. If you want to get really fancy, put toothpicks into each piece. Toothpicks somehow make food instantly fancier!

3. Get Outside


You can really only stay inside and binge watch Netflix for so long before your body starts to long for some Vitamin D. For that reason, it is super important that you go outside and move your body. Whether that is a walk, run, hike, or just kicking around the soccer ball in your backyard, you will feel a million times better after getting a little sunshine and exercise.

Note: maintain a 6-foot distance from others (who do note live in your home) when you are outside and if you are sick, please stay indoors.

4. Have a Themed Movie Night


Movie nights are a great way to wind down from a busy week of working from home, homeschooling, trying to track down toilet paper, and sanitizing our homes and hands.

Make it extra special by giving it a theme! Maybe you love the Harry Potter or Ninja Turtle franchises. Maybe late 90s romcoms are more your thing. No matter what you choose – go all out. Dress up, make yourself some refreshments and food (that is on-theme), and take some time to chill.

If you live alone, set up a movie night with your friends or family via video chat – it would be hilarious to see what everyone comes up with outfit-wise. Choose movies on streaming services that you all have and start them at the same time.

5. Take a Virtual Vacation


In lieu of a lot of vacations being canceled over the next few months, we decided to add this idea to the list because…well it is as close as we can get.

Turn your living room into a pseudo beach resort. Move the couch, break out those beach towels, put on your swimming suits (optional), and make some delicious tropical drinks. You can pull up drone videos on YouTube from beaches around the world or just turn on some fun tropical jams and dance around.

Is this the same as putting your toes in the sand and seeing the cool, clear blue water in person? No, but it could be a nice break from the usual weekend routine!

6. “Visit” the Zoo


This is arguably one of our favorites on the list. The St. Louis Zoo has been consistently posting awesome animal videos on their YouTube channel as part o their #bringthezootoyou campaign.

They even have a live camera set up in the penguin exhibit that we could literally watch all day! Link to the live penguin cast.

7. Create Vision Boards


Now is a great time to think about goals and start habits and projects you may not have had time for in the past. Vision boards are a great thing to create at home by yourself, as a family, or with your roommates. You can go the old school route and cut out pictures from magazines and glue them onto poster board or you can create your vision board digitally (like we did above) by saving pictures and adding them to a board on free sites like Canva.

8. Build Card Houses


We bet it has been a long time since you have built a house of cards! This is a great activity because all you need is a deck of cards and a (somewhat) steady hand.

If you want to really get into it, have a competition where your friends or family build their own card houses and vote on the best one!

9. Have a Toy Car Drag Race


Disclaimer: you will need more than one person to do this activity.

You probably have toy cars sitting somewhere in your home just waiting to be used, so why not have a drag race in the driveway or right on your kitchen floor?

This is an activity that is fun for both kids and adults – especially if a sweet prize is involved!

10. Do a Dance Workout


Like we said earlier, it is important to move your body and not veg out on the couch all day so, for the days when it is a bit too gloomy to go outside, try a dance workout!

There are tons of awesome dance workouts online and you can do them in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Also, dance workouts can double as P.E. class for the kids while they are doing remote schooling!

11. Create a Craft Workshop


Right now is a fantastic time to nurture creativity and creating a place in your home where you and/or your children can craft, design, and build things is a great way to do just that.

We know this may sound like it takes up a lot of space, but it absolutely doesn’t have to. If you have room in your home and want to dedicate that space to crafting, 100% go for it but you can also have a craft box where supplies are kept that gets brought out to the kitchen table when inspiration hits or boredom sets in.

12. Take a Virtual Tour of a Museum


Something we are very thankful for right now is the ability to “travel” to places and “see” whatever we want digitally. People have posted tours from many famous museums like the Natural History Museum in D.C. and the Louvre in Paris that we highly suggest checking out.

13. Bake Something


Baking is challenging, fun, and rewarding. It is also a great way to kill time. From looking up recipes to researching techniques, you can really get into it. It is a fantastic activity to do alone or with multiple people and if all else fails, you can always pop in a batch of Dogtown Pizza Chocolate Chip Cookies!

14. Tackle a Puzzle


Puzzles are back with a vengeance and we are not mad about it! Puzzles help keep your mind active while stuck at home and are a nice change of pace from just watching TV after you log off of your computer for the day.

You can order puzzles on Amazon or ask your friends and family if they have any that they can drop off outside of your door!

15. Rewatch Your Favorite Sport Moments and Games


Many of us are heartbroken that sporting events are canceled for the time being. So, what can sports fan do during these strange times.

Rewatch our favorite games and game moments! Whether it is the Cardinals winning a World Series or The Blues taking the Stanley Cup, watching great moments in sports will have to scratch the itch for now.

For our STL sports fans, check out our in-depth blog post about the history of sports in St. Louis.

16. Video Chat with Loved Ones and Friends


This is one of the most important activities on our list because it is extremely important that we stay connected and check in on each other now more than ever.

Set up calls with your friends and family throughout the week. Even if you just chat for 10 minutes, it can help lift spirits and combat feelings of loneliness which will mean the world to some people.

If you and your friends or fam are social butterflies, try setting up a party over video chat. Apps like House Party allow you to add contacts right from your phone if you don’t have access to FaceTime or Zoom. You can add multiple people and even play games together on the app.

We can sit here and list every activity known to man but we understand that sometimes the energy to do some of these things just isn’t there. Some nights you may just want to eat pizza and watch that TV show you have already seen 50 times and that this is absolutely fine. You should not feel guilty about doing things that make you comfortable and happy.

The important thing is balance. Try to get some exercise and sunshine, eat foods that make you and your body happy, explore your creativity, and stay connected with your loved ones. We are all navigating this together and now is a time to focus on what truly matters.

What at-home activities are you enjoying right now? Let us know!

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