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11 Reasons Why Pizza Is the Best Food EVER!


Is there anything better than pizza? Well, we wouldn’t say no to world peace, but if you’re looking for foods that are better than pizza, those don’t exist. We’re sorry to be the ones you had to hear it from, but it’s better that you know the truth.

Here at Dogtown Pizza, we truly don’t think there’s any food better than pizza—especially our very own St. Louis-style pizza with that cracker-like crust (who likes deep dish pizza?), perfectly-seasoned tomato sauce, creamy and tangy 3-cheese blend, locally sourced meats and veggies, and Dogtown spice blend.

What are some other reasons why pizza is the best food? We’re glad you asked!

Pizza Is Nutritionally Perfect

Literally our favorite food, pizza combines your vital macronutrients (the big three: protein, fat, and carbs) with many important micronutrients (think vitamins and minerals), all in a form that fits in your hand and is easy to eat on the go. 

Remember to eat a full meal about three hours before your workout and a snack about one hour before for maximum gains!

For Real Though, Pizza Can Be as Healthy as You Want It to Be

If you’re looking for a good option when it comes to getting more fiber, calcium, and vegetables into your day and into your body, look no further than pizza. 

There’s a good amount of fiber and calcium in most pizzas, plus tons with veggies, and you can find a specialty pizza to match with any food preferences or dietary restrictions you’ve got on the table. From kosher to paleo to keto, gluten-free to vegan to low-sodium, it’s hard to find something pizza can’t do.

Pizza Is the Best “Anytime” Food

If you grew up in the 90s, you already know where we’re going with this. Pizza in the morning, pizza in the evening, pizza at supper time—but you don’t have to put pizza on a bagel to eat pizza anytime. Just eat pizza! You’re all grown up now, 90s kids, and that means you can live out your fantasy of eating pizza whenever you want by eating pizza whenever you want!

Pizza, Pizza, Everywhere

Raised in Italy, traveled extensively, and boasting a uniquely cross-global citizenship, you don’t have to look very hard to find a local version of pizza anywhere you happen to go. From the corn and seafood pizzas in Japan to the huckleberry and bacon pizzas in Montana to the traditional margherita pizzas in Italy to the St. Louis-style right here in our very own neighborhood, there’s a pizza everywhere for everyone.

Pizza Was Your First Special Order

Building on what we said above, with so much variety and so many options, pizza is made for the person who orders it. When you’re a kid, it feels like unlimited power to order your very own pizza with whatever kinds of toppings you want!

beautiful-italy-scapePizza Was (Probably) Your First International Food

Statistically, most of us ate pizza before we ate spaghetti or any other popular international foods. When you’re a kid, it can be hard to try “weird” foods (read: pretty much anything that doesn’t look like whatever your family usually eats). This is where pizza comes in for the save! 

Even the pickiest of picky eaters will usually eat plain cheese pizza: you can see all the ingredients, so there’s no surprises. It’s easy for little hands to hold onto, simple to eat, and it tastes buds will thank you, too.

Pizza Means a Good Time

Graduation party? There’s going to be pizza there. Birthday party? Probably pizza. Weekend game night? Don’t even pretend there’s no pizza. For all the big milestones that ignite in your mind to spark the limitless potential of your future in that moment, and for all the little celebrations that make being alive worth it, pizza is how you know the party is a real party.

There’s No Wrong Way to Serve Pizza

Whether it’s just-baked bubbling-lava-hot out of the oven or leftovers chilled to perfection overnight in the fridge, the way different temperatures bring out different facets of the flavor of pizza means you can eat it hot or cold and enjoy it either way. 

Try eating hot or cold pizza with different drinks and see if you can find a flavor combination as iconic as eating a cold slice of pizza with pepperoni while sipping a mug of hot coffee (add cream and sugar). If you haven’t tried this breakfast of champions yet, just do it and thank us later!

Pizza Is as Cheap or Luxurious as You Want It to Be

If you’re on a budget, there are tons of affordable pizza options to explore: pizza you buy fresh or frozen and bake at home, pizza-by-the-slice from that one convenience store with the suspiciously good prices, even making pizza bread in the microwave by putting pizza sauce, cheese and toppings on a slice of whatever bread you’ve got. 

In the opposite direction, if you’re looking for a meal that costs more than your car, we’ve seen pictures of gorgeous pizzas topped with rare truffles and gold leaf.

pineapple-pizzaPizza + Pineapple = Together Forever

While we don’t make a pizza featuring pineapple on it, we’ve gotten tips from customers who reach out on socials to say adding drained canned pineapple to a Dogtown Pizza before baking is a match made in controversial-food-opinions heaven! 

If you want to do something that will really knock your socks off, try putting some pineapple on your next Dogtown Hot Wing Pizza. There’s no reason why it should work, but somehow it does—just like pineapple on pizza.

Pizza Is the Answer

Whether you’re looking for a quick and easy weeknight dinner, a fun family favorite on Friday movie night, or a surefire life-hack for becoming the cool house your kid’s friends want to hang out at on weekends, it’s the same as the answer to most of life’s other questions: pizza.

Pick up your favorite Dogtown Pizza in the freezer aisle of your local grocery store—we’ll see you there!

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