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Throwdown: Thick vs. Thin Crust Pizza

Signs Dogtown Pizza is the Only Frozen Pizza Your Buy Anymore

Most people love pizza (and since you’re reading the Dogtown Pizza blog, we’re going to assume you’re on the right side of the pizza question), but which is better: thin crust or thick crust?

Which Type of Pizza Crust Is Healthiest?

Let’s be real for a second, if you’re on any kind of diet and you want to include pizza, moderation is probably the best approach. With that out of the way, pizza can be a normal part of a healthy eating plan. If you’re watching calories, be sure to read the nutrition information and pay attention to the toppings you’re choosing.

If you prefer something plant-based, get a vegetarian pizza (our delicious Tomato Basil Garlic, Veggie, and Cheese Pizza are all meatless options)—that’s right, pizza can be your most successful Meatless Monday yet!

If you’re trying to cut carbs, choosing thin over thick crust is an obvious step, and our simple St Louis Style cracker-thin crust is even thinner than regular thin crust, making Dogtown Pizza a good way to ease into a lower-carb lifestyle.

Which Type of Pizza Crust Tastes Better?

This one comes down to preference and what kind of pizza you’re planning on having. Thinner crust means you won’t fill up on bread and you’ll be able to taste the toppings, thicker crust means you can load it up with more toppings and not worry about the crust tearing. However! St Louis Style crust is a sturdy crust, so you get the benefit of being able to eat as many toppings as you want without risking a crust malfunction that ends with your toppings all over your shirt (has this happened to anyone else? Just us?) Sometimes a thick crust can mask those delicious fresh toppings, honestly who wants that? We will leave this decision up to you.

Which Pizza Crust Is Easiest To Make?

If you’re picking up a frozen pizza to cook at home after a busy day, remember that the thinner the crust, the faster it will bake, and the faster you can get it on the table to feed your hungry family. If you want to make your dough from scratch, thin crusts win again: they’re faster to make because they use little (if any) yeast, and they’re generally less finicky to make than thicker crusts—if you’ve never made pizza before, definitely start with a thin crust.

Which Pizza Crust Is the Most Popular?

Whether you prefer thin crust or thick crust may be influenced by where you live. Thick crust is generally preferred by people living in the states in the middle of the country (21 states), while thin crust is preferred by people living in the states around the edges of the country (27 states). Of course the ultra-thin St Louis Style crust is preferred by Missouri!

The Overall Winner: You know our answer. We have no shame in our biased opinion. We prefer thin crust!

Which type of crust do you prefer and why? Let us know!

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  1. I like that you talked about how most people like thick crust pizza in the middle states while those that are on the edges are for the thin crust. This just shows how people are different with their choices. I guess I have to provide these two types of pizza for my birthday celebration to cater to those who like thin and thin. We just thought that it would be best to serve pizza because who doesn’t like this type of food.

  2. I totally agree when you said that the type of crust that is better depends on the preference of the person and the type of pizza as well. I just got curious about this because we are going to eat out this weekend. It will be for the celebration of my husband’s promotion at work which he worked hard for three years. Thanks for the information!

  3. One of the things that I love about pizza is that you can pretty much make it however you want it. With most pizza places, they would be able to make it to your needs. Now if I was making a pizza, I would probably go with a thin crust pizza as it’s a bit easier to make.

  4. I thought it was interesting that you mentioned your preference depending on where you live. It never occurred to me that this could be something influenced by region, but more by family. It’s something that I would really like to look into more. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  5. I like what you said about how thicker crusts make it possible for more toppings on your pie. Me and my sons love cheese. I think we should order more thick crust pizzas so we can specifically ask for more pizza toppings on our pie.

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