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Ranking Different Types of Pizza Based on Varying Levels of Deliciousness!


We were thinking about pizza the other day—to be honest, we think about pizza every day—and we realized it had been a while since we put together a pizza ranking! To make this egregious error right for you, our dear readers, please accept this list of pizzas, ranked by their varying levels of deliciousness.

Cheese Pizza

Statistically, you’ll eat more cheese pizza in your lifetime than any other type of pizza. If you doubt us, think back to how many years you spent eating cheese pizza as a kid before your pallet developed enough to handle more flavor. If you don’t doubt us because you still prefer cheese pizza, we respect your life choices and are lifelong supporters of cheese pizza—in fact, our Cheese Pizza is one of our top sellers!

Deliciousness Ranking: Basically Delicious

Pepperoni Pizza

The second-most popular pizza on Earth, pepperoni pizza improves cheese pizza by adding pepperoni to it. Pepperoni pizza is also the only type of pizza that cartoon characters are allowed to eat unless the characters are actually talking about the pizza and the animators were told to draw something that wasn’t pepperoni.

Deliciousness Ranking: Classically Delicious

Buffalo Pizza

When you’re naming every sauce that can be a pizza sauce, we’re betting buffalo sauce wasn’t near the top—but now that we’ve mentioned it, we know you want to try it!

Our Hot Wing Pizza takes the flavors of hot wings and piles them onto a pizza! Serve with carrot and celery sticks for the most authentic hot wing experience. If you’re not ready to go all-in on the full Hot Wing Pizza experience, try adding some buffalo sauce to your usual pizza. Then, once you see we’re right, try that Hot Wing Pizza.

Deliciousness Ranking: Surprisingly Delicious

pepperoni-and-bacon-pizzaAll Meat Pizza

Carnivores, this one’s for you! Pepperoni, sausage, bacon, and ham are a good place to start, and if you know where to look, you can find some truly choice meats to top a pizza. If you ever find out about a pizza place that has a pizza with bison, alligator, ostrich, and frog on it, please let us know because we would love to try it.

Deliciousness Ranking: Carnivorously Delicious

All Veggie Pizza

Veggie-lovers, we didn’t forget about you! People who think veggies don’t belong on pizza and can’t make for a satisfying meal don’t understand your tastes, but hey… guess what? That just means more veggies for you and everyone else who loves their pizza topped with mushrooms, onion, bell peppers, and other garden favorite flavors!

Deliciousness Ranking: Herbivorously Delicious

Everything Pizza

If you can’t get enough of anything, may we suggest everything? Whether it’s called a deluxe, a supreme, a combo, or dozens of other specialty and regional names, this is a pizza that usually has everything on the toppings list that all taste especially good together. This is the pizza to get if you can’t decide on toppings because they all sound good or if you’re the type of person that becomes bored with your food and wants each bite to be a new food exploration.

Deliciousness Ranking: Completely Delicious

bbq-chicken-pizzaBBQ Chicken Pizza

Do you love BBQ chicken almost more than life itself, and every moment you spend not eating it is unending despair? Do you find yourself despairing a lot because BBQ chicken is honestly really inconvenient to eat in a lot of situations? Are you looking for a solution that would make BBQ chicken more portable, allowing you to take BBQ chicken on the go? Have we got a deal for you! It’s BBQ chicken on pizza!

Deliciousness Ranking: Sweetly and Tangy-ly Delicious

Margherita Pizza

The Margherita pizza is far more flavorful than its deceptively-simple topping combo would lead you to believe. Our Tomato Basil Garlic Pizza is our spin on this Italian favorite, bringing together the classic and flavorful trinity of red-ripened tomatoes, fragrant basil, and freshly minced garlic flavors on a crispy, cracker-thin crust, resulting in a surprisingly refreshing pizza.

If you don’t believe such a thing is possible, we invite you to try this fan favorite from Dogtown Pizza—it’ll make a believer out of you!

Deliciousness Ranking: Delightfully Delicious

Chicken Alfredo Pizza

If you’re craving chicken alfredo and want all the flavor but without the carbs, go for chicken alfredo pizza instead of putting it on pasta and serving it with bread. Yes, we just recommended pizza as a low-carb food; it mostly depends on the thickness of the crust after all!

If you’re craving chicken alfredo and want all the flavor but want to add even more carbs, go for chicken alfredo pizza and add pasta to your pizza! Please note, it’s worth trying this exactly once.

Deliciousness Ranking: Decadently Delicious

Bacon Pizza

How do you make pizza twice as delicious? Easy! Put bacon on it! Everyone knows that bacon naturally doubles the deliciousness of anything you add it to. That’s just science.

If bacon on pizza is doubly delicious—and nothing could make us believe otherwise—then our Bacon Bacon Pizza is doubly delicious squared! If you’re not a math person, that means more bacon makes a better bacon pizza.

Deliciousness Ranking: Exponentially Delicious

Pineapple Pizza

This last one is less of a type of pizza and more of a vibe. We know this is controversial, but we can’t just stand by and say nothing in the face of unrelenting slander and lies. We’re sorry, but pineapple on pizza is actually good. Pair it with Canadian bacon or diced ham for a classic 90s Hawaiian pizza.

Combine it with pepperoni and jalapeños (trust us, you won’t regret it—and use barbeque sauce instead of pizza sauce) for something you never knew you wanted. You can even use pineapple on its own (or with bacon) and pair it with different cheeses, like ricotta or brie, to make a pizza for when you’re feeling kind of sick of pizza.

Deliciousness Ranking: Controversially Delicious

Whether you’re looking for a pizza that’s delightfully delicious, surprisingly delicious, reliably delicious, or any other measure of delicious, you can’t go wrong with pretty much any type of pizza. That’s just how pizza works. Of course, that’s not to say that some aren’t more delicious than others.

You can find high levels of deliciousness in every single variety of Dogtown Pizza, from good ol’ Cheese Pizza to modern flavors like Hamburger Pizza. Look for our pizzas in the freezer aisle of grocery stores in St. Louis—bon appétit!

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