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Will There Ever Be Gluten-Free DTP?

Gluten-free pizza crusts

We get asked rather frequently whether we will ever introduce a gluten-free pizza as a Dogtown Pizza variety. And we hear ya—studies show that 30% of Americans prefer eating gluten-free, whether because of a medical diagnosis or because of a conscious health choice. While we would love to offer a gluten-free pizza to our customers, sadly we cannot. And here’s why.

On the Hunt for Gluten-Free Pizza Crusts

The demand for gluten-free DTP has been high, so we’ve been on the hunt for a delicious gluten-free St. Louis-style pizza crust for a while. We travel to the International Pizza Expo every year in search of a gluten-free crust that matches our high standards of flavor and deliciousness. We come into contact with dozens of crust makers who are all trying to tap into the demand for gluten-free. Unfortunately, we keep seeing the same thing over and over again: the crusts are either too thick or just taste horrible, plain and simple. That’s something we can never package and sell to our customers.

Why is It So Hard to Find Good Gluten-Free Pizza Crusts?

If you live gluten-free, you’ve probably encountered this numerous times: finding a good pizza crust is hard to do. While gluten-free baked goods have come a long way in recent years, there’s still much room for improvement.

So why is it so hard to find a decent gluten-free pizza crust? Most of them are bland, dry, and chewy. Unless you’re making it from scratch in your home, it’s hard to get the texture and taste right, especially for the sake of mass production. Our conundrum is no exception.

In order to stay true to our commitment of creating delicious, authentic St. Louis-style thin crust pizza, we’d have to find the PERFECT crust that meets the qualifications of thin, gluten-free, and delicious. It simply doesn’t exist yet.

Will DTP Ever Have Gluten-Free Pizza?

We can’t say if we won’t ever have gluten-free pizza here at Dogtown Pizza, but it’s definitely not something we plan on offering in the near future. And keep in mind that creating new pizza varieties is a lengthy process in and of itself that involves conceptualization, development, testing, and more.

We want to offer you the pizzas that you crave, and we are always game for suggestions and ideas on how we can improve our products. Meanwhile, the hunt for gluten-free pizza crusts continues…