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5 Things to Thank Your Mom For This Mother’s Day

5 Things to Thank Your Mother For This Mother's Day

A world without moms is a world we don’t want to live in. As we get older, we suddenly start to realize all of the selfless things our moms have done for us over the years. While no amount of flowers or breakfasts-in-bed will repay her for her countless acts of love, we can at least acknowledge her for the irreplaceable role she plays in our lives. So, to all the moms out there, we say thank you this Mother’s Day for…

#1. All your sage advice

From teaching us to wait a few minutes before eating pizza that’s fresh out of the oven, to reminding us to close the back door when the air conditioner is on, you’ll always give us the advice we need to make the right choices in life. Where would we be if you didn’t warn us about the dangers of eating piping hot pizza? Stranded in a ditch with a burnt mouth, that’s where we’d be.

#2. For making sure we had dinner every night

Here’s a fact: adulting is hard, especially when it comes to making sure there’s a meal on the table every night. But you always made it look So. Darn. Easy. That’s because you knew that we’d go hungry without you–and that’s something you could not have happen. Not on your watch. You expressed your love for us through food, even though we may not have appreciated it at the time. But we now know your little secret: frozen pizza will make anyone look like a hero. We’re on to you.

#3. For all those times you told us no

Sometimes we needed you to tell us no for our own good, even if we fought you about it.

“Don’t put your finger in that light socket.”
“Don’t put your sister in the washing machine.”
“Don’t eat that pizza without taking the plastic off first.”

These were all things we didn’t want to hear; but you always knew what was best for us, even if we couldn’t understand it at first.

#4…And for all those times you didn’t

Whenever you let us pick something out at the store (Pepperoni Dogtown Pizza, anyone?)—especially when we expected you to say no—was a thrill unmatched by anything in our young lives. Thank you for making unexpected moments so magical.

#5. For supporting our dreams and aspirations

We know that if we wanted to eat an entire pizza by ourselves you would be the one to hand us the pizza cutter. It’s your unwavering support of our dreams (whatever they may be) that makes reaching them that much more rewarding. Your pride in our accomplishments—as well as the encouragement we needed to make it there— make the struggle worth it.

What would we do without mom? No idea. Trying to imagine that kind of a world sounds like a nightmare, actually. This Mother’s Day, celebrate and thank the awesome woman in your life for everything she does. It doesn’t have to be with pizza (though it probably should be). Treat her to a massage. Make her dinner. Give her some peace and quiet. Whatever it may be, she most definitely deserves it.

Happy Mother’s Day to all our moms out there! We wish you all a day of rest, relaxation, and all the pizza you can eat.

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