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6 Frozen Pizza Hacks You Need to Try

close-up of frozen pizza in oven

The majority of the population thinks that frozen pizza is a nasty option for dinner. Of course, we here at The Square know this is a falsehood when it comes to Dogtown Pizza. But how to convert the unbelievers? Try these handy frozen pizza hacks the next time you pick up your frozen pie. We have a feeling you’ll be a believer in no time.

1. Brush the outside of the crust with olive oil.

It’ll make the crust even crispier. (yum!)

2. Bake longer at a slightly lower temperature.

Try dropping the temp 25°F or so, and increasing the bake time by five minutes to start, but check on its progress and let it go longer if necessary. Perfect for St. Louise-style cracker-like crusts.

3. Try cutting the pizza into slices for easy, guilt-free eating.

Tempted to eat the entire pizza in one go? (we totally understand, by the way) Simply flip your frozen pie over and slice it up before putting it in your freezer. Cook individual slices as needed. You’ll save money, time and calories.

4. Need a new pizza stone? Check your local second-hand store.

Trust us. Kitchenware at Goodwill, Savers, or any other second-hand store will have pizza stones for cheap. And while you can definitely cook our frozen pizza right on the oven rack, we highly recommend a good-quality pizza stone to bake your favorite pie to perfection.

5. Let your pizza stone or skillet heat while the oven preheats.

This ensures an even bake, a key ingredient to making frozen pizza taste…not like frozen pizza.

6. Reheat leftovers without using the microwave.

We get it—cold pizza is a way of life for some. But you’ll never want to eat cold pizza again with this nifty, delicious trick. Coat a large skillet with olive oil and heat it over medium-high heat. Place your leftover pizza in the pan and cover it, letting it cook for five minutes. Presto! Tastes as delicious as when you first popped it out of the oven the night before.

Let us know any of your own frozen pizza hacks in the comments below!