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Tackle Game Day with Dogtown Pizza & Kräftig Lagers

Dogtown Pizza and Kräftig Lagers Team Up for Game Day

Buy beer. Save on pizza. Can you ask for a better deal on Super Bowl Sunday? We’re teaming up with Kräftig Lagers just in time to help you tackle the game day hassle, St. Louis-style.

The Sitch

For a limited time only, look for Kräftig displays in major St. Louis-area grocery stores for instant savings on Dogtown Pizza!

So I can save on Hot Wing Pizza for game day? Absolutely. In fact, we highly encourage it.

What about Pepperoni? You betcha, superstar. Eat all the pepperoni you can.

And 4 Meat? What about 4 Meat? Unfortunately, no.

Seriously? We’re kidding. You can save on ALL Dogtown Pizza varieties.

Just look for the Kräftig displays in select grocery stores for more details about how you can save on Dogtown Pizza!

Have You Ever Tried DTP & Kräftig Together?

If you haven’t tried Dogtown Pizza and Kräftig together, now’s the time to do so! Kräftig is an award-winning brewery located right here in good ‘ol STL. They’re known for flavorful, German heritage beers that go amazingly with our St. Louis-style pizza. We love their commitment to St. Louis, which is why we’ve teamed up with them for the past couple of years to bring you amazing savings on your favorite St. Louis-style frozen pizza.

Fun fact: “kräftig” (pronounced KREHF-tig) means “strength” in German. So it stands to reason that the more Kräftig you drink, the stronger you’ll get…right? We highly suggest buying an extra pizza or two, just in case.

Pick Up Your DTP and Kräftig for Game Day

Pizza and beer are game day party essentials, so pick up your Dogtown Pizzas for your Super Bowl party and pair them with Kräftig. Simply look for DTP coupons on 30 pack cases of Kräftig and save! What can be better than Dogtown Pizza and beer on the biggest football game of the year?

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