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Special Briefing: Limited Edition DTP

Limited Edition DTP

Special Briefing: Limited Edition DTP
Dogtown Pizza St. Louis


From the desk of: Xxxx Xxxxxxx, Owner

As of July 6th, 2016, at approximately 0800 hours, we are officially set to release the very first Limited Edition Dogtown Pizza variety, which features the following ingredients: xxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxxxxx, xxx xxxxxx, and xxxxxxxx xxxxxx. The Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxxx Limited Edition Pizza will be available in all major St. Louis grocery stores beginning Monday, July 11th. The public cannot heretofore know any information regarding the Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxxx Limited Edition Pizza variety, its ingredients or any other relevant information pertaining to Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxxx Limited Edition Pizza until its release on July 11th.

The Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxxx Limited Edition Pizza will go on sale any time Dogtown Pizza is on sale. Schedule accordingly with appropriate individuals to inform the public about ongoing sales for the Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxxx Limited Edition Pizza.

We will only release a limited quantity of XXXXXX of the Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxxx Limited Edition Pizza. Inform the DTP team that Xxxx Xxxxxxx has said, “Once they’re gone, they’re gone.” Customers must BUY FAST or they will have to wait for the next Limited Edition Variety, which is currently in development and will be released in Xxxx 9999.