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Made By Hand…Just For You

Fun fact: on average, we make 2500 pizzas per day. By hand.

Yup. You read that right: we make each and every pizza that comes out of our facility, arrives at your local grocery store and onto your dinner table by hand.

The past eight years have seen remarkable growth for us, but we’re still dedicated to making every pizza you purchase taste just as fresh and delicious as the first pizza that came out of Rick and Meredith’s kitchen all those years ago.

Handmade frozen pizza? How is that possible?

Handmade gives us a sense of comfort and familiarity. It instills a sense of connection between you and the person who worked hard to bring you that product. It’s inspiring that we’ve seen a nationwide return to supporting local businesses and purchasing products that are lovingly made by their creators. 

So just like you know when you pick up your weekly pizza from Schnucks or Dierberg’s that you’ll be getting the freshest, all-natural pizzas available, you can trust that when we say handmade, we mean it. How can we promise that? For starters…

Man > Machine

making-pizza-dogtown-pizza-st-louisWe use only three—count ‘em—three machines in our entire production:

1). The quick freezer (which we built ourselves)

2). The wrapper for packaging

3). The tomato dicer

That’s it. Everything but the tomatoes is prepped by hand (because let’s face it…chopping pounds of tomatoes by hand takes forever). You can walk by one team of guys and watch as they expertly chop up fresh basil and other herbs (it smells amazing over on that side of the room, by the way) and prep the other ingredients that will be used on our pizzas. But the most impressive sight of all is the crew that gets the job done…

Caution: Masters at Work

handmade-pizza-assembly-dogtown-pizza-st-louisIf you walked into our facility, the first thing you would notice would be our crew hard at work at our four production stations. With music blasting and banter flying, these guys are highly-efficient, pizza-making machines. They come in bright and early every morning, take their positions, and start constructing the delicious Dogtown pizzas you know and love.

There’s a “flow” at each table and it works beautifully—like a Swiss watch. Each person knows their role and every role is dependent on the one preceding it. One person lays down the freshly-delivered crust, then someone scoops the sauce on and spreads it, the next person sprinkles savory handfuls of our special-recipe cheese blend on top, the toppings are generously applied, and BAM—you have yourself one quality St. Louis-style pizza.dogtown-pizza-sauce-handmade-st-louis

We produce in small batches of 20 and our highly-trained team can make up to 400 pizzas an hour depending on the variety of pizza. Every pizza per 20 is weighed on a scale to check for accuracy.

But that’s beside the point—you can tell from the infectious energy in the room that these guys love their jobs and have a lot of fun while doing it. It’s inspiring to watch and know that these guys give their all when they’re making your pizza.

We Got Our Eyes On You

After the pizzas are made, they are “quick frozen” for freshness and ready to be packaged. The final “eyes of quality” are on the wrapping team. They see every pizza, inspect them thoroughly to make sure they meet our standards (Do they look right? Do they have the right amount of toppings? Are the labels on correctly?) and have the power to reject any pizza before it heads out for delivery.

So there you have it—handmade pizza, St. Louis-style. When you bring Dogtown Pizza home to your family, all of the fun, passion and energy that went into making it went home with you, too. And to us, that’s how we define handmade.