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Enter the Why I Love DTP Pie-Ku Contest!

Why I Love DTP Pie-Ku Contest | Dogtown Pizza

In honor of National Haiku Poetry Day, we want you Dogtown Pizza-loving poets to start composing! We’re seeking your best verse for our Why I Love DTP Pie-Ku Contest for a chance to win a personal countertop PIZZA OVEN!

Wait, What’s a PIE-Ku?

A traditional Japanese haiku is a short poem composed of three unrhymed lines: 5 syllables, then 7, then 5. A PIE-ku is a haiku made in the honor of your love for the almighty Dogtown Pizza, whichever way you slice it. For example:

Cheesy, bubbly pie
Cooling on my countertop:
Get into my mouth.

Now’s your chance to turn your love of Dogtown Pizza into pure, pizza-adoring poetry for a chance to win!

How the Pie-Ku Contest Works

Compose an original Pie-Ku and post it on our Facebook page. Be original, be descriptive, be funny. Only one Pie-Ku entry per person, so work to make it the best use of 17 pizza-related syllables. Maybe eat a slice of the Limited Edition Meatball Pizza. You know— for inspiration.

The most creative haiku (determined by our almighty pizza) will win a home countertop pizza oven so you can cook all future Dogtown Pizza varieties to perfection in your own kitchen.

The Why I Love DTP Pie-Ku Contest ends Monday, April 24. The winner will be announced on Tuesday, April 25. Good luck and happy composing!

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  1. Hi I have recently bought a few frozen pizzas from different stores and usually outstanding that’s why I pay so much for it but they have been freezer burnt or something just wanted to give u guys a head up don’t know if things r just changing thanks again

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