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Being Square is In!

St. Louis-Style Pizza

For as much pizza that’s consumed in America, it’s hard to believe that this great dish has only been a part of our culture since the latter half of the 19th century. Some 94% of the population of our country eats pizza on a regular basis – most of it with pepperoni on top. Pizza is now an iconic American dish shared amongst family and friends.

Eating pizza with each other is tradition in nearly every home in America and unless you’re a competitive eater who rolls up and wolfs down your pizza in whole form, the typical pizza is cut up into manageable pieces. In my family, it’s well known that we have have come a little undone over the last slice…so that’s what I am talking about today – The Slice!

Why Squares?

Pizza is cut into slices and squares to facilitate sharing. Although, after everyone has had their second piece – the rest is fair game. To me, and to a lot of St. Louisans, what truly makes St. Louis Style Pizza the greatest pie in the country is the mere fact that your dining experience is new every time you reach for another piece. You may get one of the little crusty triangles at the edge – which, by the way, I love. When hot pizza gets to the table, those little crunchies with their smear of sauce and bit of cheese are tempting, little, crusty appetizers that can be eaten while the rest of the pizza cools off.

Then the real fun begins.

St. Louis Pizza is for Squares!

Go to almost any pizza place in any other city in the nation and your pizza will (most likely) come to the table with the cheese or sauce on top (yuck!) and sliced into wedges. Americans eat one-hundred acres of pizza every day. The rest of America hasn’t figured out that the character of the perfect pizza isn’t consistent from piece-to-piece – so who needs a “crust-handle” at the edge of every slice? Not I.

When your pizza is correctly cut (into squares), the interior pieces are pure, mid-meal heaven, fully covered by sauce, cheese, and toppings – all the way to the edge. There’s not even any room for your fingers. Every bite is a tasty delight – cheesy, saucy, and delicious-y. You like more crust? Check. You like more toppings? Check. You like crispiness? Check.

It’s simple: St. Louis squares have everybody covered.

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