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Attention, Ranch Lovers: Get Ready for a “Twisted” Halloween Special!

Twisted Ranch And Dogtown Pizza Are Collaborating


Delicious, creamy ranch dressing is getting a “twisted” makeover this Halloween. Starting Oct. 27 through Nov. 1, our good friends at Twisted Ranch in Soulard will feature our signature Hot Wing Pizza with a choice of two ranch dressings for a truly twisted lunch special. Um, can you say yum?

The Kings of Collaboration Meet the King of Condiments

Dogtown Pizza is obviously delicious on its own and very rarely does it need help from a condiment. Seriously, can you even imagine doctoring up Dogtown Pizza with something like ketchup or mustard? Blasphemy.

Ranch dressing, however, is an exception. We’ll even argue that it is the King of Condiments since it pairs so perfectly with just about everything. And since we’re the Kings of Collaboration, we can’t think of a more perfect collaboration of pizza, hot wings, and Twisted Ranch’s in-a-league-of-their-own twist on ranch flavors.

Which Ranch Will You Choose?

Since its opening in June, Twisted Ranch has pulled in crowds from near and far to indulge in their ranch cravings. With 16 various ranch flavors, Twisted Ranch has a unique flavor for every dish…which now includes our heavenly Hot Wing Pizza. So which flavor of ranch will you choose for your Hot Wing Pizza? It’s time to get creative, folks, because here are your options:

• Basil
• Roasted Garlic
• Southwest
• Greek
• Double “D”
• Buffalo
• Cheesy Bacon Avocado • Pesto
• Siracha
• Caesar
• Carter’s Smoke
• Feta
• Wasabi
• Chip’s Verde
• Jalapeño Popper

So many delicious ranch options, so little time! We challenge you to try each and every one of them if you can! This exclusive lunch special runs for a limited time only, so get yourself over to Twisted Ranch starting this Tuesday, Oct. 27 through Sunday, Nov. 1. As if you needed another reason to love ranch, now’s the time to try Twisted Ranch’s take on a St. Louis original!